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China's PVC market prices continue to rise

Author: Time:2015-11-04 Views:1205
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This week the domestic PVC market prices continue to rise, the upstream ethylene and calcium carbide prices continued upward, pvc companies start is not high, the market is tight supply, offer to continue to pull up, get the downstream market demand to stimulate enterprises frequently improve factory price, further stimulate market demand. PVC prices expected to expected to continue to rise. According to monitoring data show: Earth Week PVC spot price showed up. PVC spot weekly average price of 5820 yuan / ton, the weekend price of 5840 yuan / ton, the weekend than the weekly increase of 40 yuan / ton, up by 0.69%. Analysis of the main reasons are: the macro side, crude oil futures prices rebounded Thursday, the New York Mercantile Exchange, May delivery settled WTI light, sweet crude oil rose to $ 50.79 / bbl, or 0.7%. London Intercontinental Exchange in May 基准布伦特 global crude oil futures settlement price to $ 56.57 / bbl, or 1.8%. Soaring international crude oil, by the impact of commodities, sharply upward, much lower spot market supply, prices continue upward.
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