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Super polyester tile features

Author: Time:2015-11-04 Views:975
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Color vision protection
First, the weather excellent - not less than 30 years of life with a unique ultra-weather anti-aging formulation, proven: in all weather conditions in Russia, Chinese mainland's southeast coast, Southeast Asia, are showing good applicable
Second, the waterproof performance highlight - Free Waterproof Layer
Third, safe and reliable wind, earthquake --90 degree building facade decoration
Fourth, rich colors, personality innovative, lasting stability
Fifth, good fire performance
Six, insulation, thermal insulation - the highest insulation performance roof tile
Seven good noise performance
Eight, excellent toughness and strength
Nine, the construction is simple - paving the fastest, lowest construction costs
Ten, economical - per square meter can save more than about 20 yuan apply concrete structures, steel structures, wooden structures, brick structures and other new hybrid structure sloping roof and the old building flat to pitched roof for 15-90 degree slope , suitable temperature -40 ℃ -70 ℃.

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