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Synthetic Resin Roof Tile

Synthetic Resin Roof TileQX-880

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Synthetic Resin Roof TileQX-880

Synthetic Resin Roof Tile:
Thickness: (3.0 + 0.2) mm Weight: (6 + 0.2) KG / M2 Width: (880 + 10) mm Useful Width: 900mm Length: Customized
Excellent Color Stability: a the layer material of Qixin synthetic resin tile adopts super durable engineer resin, this type of material has excellent weatherability and color stability even exposing in the terrible condition like ultra-violet radiation, humidity, low high temperature, etc..
b. Has passed 15,000 hours aging test in China Chemical building material test center, and the result is ΔE = 3.86.
Excellent load-carrying and anti-impact ability: Falling ball experiment proves no crack or any damage on Qixin synthetic tile after 1KG steel ball falling from 3M height.
Convenient Installation: Light weight (6.0KG / SQM), 800MM effective width and customized length ensure convenient installation.
Excellent sound and Heat Insulation: The coefficient of heat conductivity is 0.325w / m, 1/3 of clay tile, 1/5 of cement tile and 1/2000 of color steel tile that thickness is 0.5mm.
Excellent corrosion resistance: By an experiment that Soak Qixin synthetic resin tile in the solution of 40% NAOh or 40% H2so4 for 24 hours, there is no shape -change and color fading, no microbe survive as well.
Water Proof: a the material of Qixin synthetic resin tile is compact, no water absorption and seep b Large size in unit sheet with compact lap-joint...
Anti-impact and Low Temperature Resistance: a by experiment, no crack when a 1kg steel ball falling from 3m height for 10 times in normal temperature..
b. no any damage when 1KG steel ball free fall from 1M height in a low cycle temperature of -40 ° C.
Light Weight: 6.0kg / m2, effectively reduce the load of buildings to ensure better safety, improve quake grade, and convenient for transfer to save freight cost.
Excellent Anti-Flaming: Qixin synthetic resin tile is self-extinguishing, according to GB8624-2006, fireproofing ≥class B.
Good Self-cleaning: Does not absorb dusts and easy washed by rain.
Environment-friendly and Energy Saving:. Obtain the certification of "China Environmental Labeling Product" Do not contain asbestos and any redioactive element, recyclable.

Thickness: 2.5 ~ 4.0mm Width: 880mm Effective width: 800mm;
Wave height: 30mm; Wave span: 160mm;
Length: customized but must be a multiple of wave pitch.
Regular colors: Hot Red, Jujube red, TerraCotta, Coffee Red, Grey, Green, Blue, White, etc.

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