Past Successes



A real-time social network for live event advertising and engagement. CoLab provided strategy, graphic design, marketing, and coding services to move them through multiple iterations and initiatives. Wandr was a winner of the 2015 BizPitch Contest and will be releasing its beta in the fall.

USwap Logo


A student-specific market for the sale of textbooks and housing. CoLab provided graphic design, marketing, and social media services to aid in their expansion across campus and beyond. Uswap continues to grow at the University and beyond.

Marbles Logo


An application for evaluating and monitoring overall health that offers insights and recommendations for personal well-being. CoLab provided focus groups, marketing, design, and coding services to aid in iterative development and user interfacing. Marbles will be beta testing at the U of M in fall 2015.

Dose Logo
One in Four


A free app for students that allows them to get recognition for what they do outside of class by documenting and giving credit for these experiences. CoLab designed, filmed, and executed a crowdfunding campaign that garnered media attention for the company and the issue it’s trying to address.



An internet-of-things medical equipment company developing a smart pill box capable of reminding patients to take their medication and notifying care providers if doses are missed. CoLab provided strategy and financial modeling services along with design and code reviews and customer interview assistance. Dose has entered and gained notice in business plan contests and made industry connections nationwide to aid in their launch.



One in Four

Sponsored by the Carlson School of Management and their student body leadership, a walk-out for mental wellness awareness and the resources available. The event attracted hundreds of students and brought much needed attention to an important issue.